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‘The Golden Era’ A Beautifully Shot Asian Film Gets Trailer (English Sub)

Hello Reader! Love Asian Film that Doesn't involve Martial Arts? Well this film is that film and looks like its Beautifully Shot with great Camera angles and movements. That's not a Reason to enjoy a … [Read More]


Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey Star in ‘Open Windows’ Trailer in Side

Hello Reader! Like Suspenseful thrillers? How About Elijah Wood? If so then this movie might be for you so check out the info and trailer below. Open Windows feels dark but also uses  a lot in … [Read More]

northmen banner - srf

Ships, Epic Battles and Vikings fill the Film ‘Northmen A Viking Saga’ in its First Trailer

Hello Reader! Vikings, Large epic battles, and the High Sea's are all rolled into one in this film. Sound interesting? It does for us and if you too, check the Film info and trailer below. Northmen … [Read More]

revenge-of-the-green-dragons - srf

The Gang is Ready To Take Over in The Trailer for ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’

Hello Reader! Love Asian gang vigilance in film? Gangs? Guns? Martin Scorsese? Well Hey this ones for you....and us as we think its good-looking. Check the info and trailer below. Revenge of the … [Read More]

Badadook poster - srf

New Horror Film Hits the Waves – Babadook Gets A Trailer, Is it Scary

Hello Reader! Love Horror? How About when Kids are involved? Scary Monsters, some, you can't see? Well This Film might be for you so check it out. Babadook is the title and its a weird name but … [Read More]

Studio Ghibli - srf

3 New Studio Ghibli Films Hit US on Blu-Ray Via Disney

Hello Reader! Love Disney? Love Studio Ghibli films? Well Hey Guess what? 3 New films from Ghibli are coming to the US on Blu-Ray Thanks to Disney. For me I will be getting all 3 due to me being a … [Read More]

New Releases 8-19-14

Upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for this Tuesday 8-19-14

New Releases 8-19-14 Its Sunday and Tuesday is only two days away. That means new Movies will hit stores in DVD or Blu-Ray Format … or 3D. What are you going to pick up, Check out Upcoming DVD and … [Read More]


Johnny Depp Plays Dumb in Mortdecai, Also Olivia Munn -Trailer Here

Hello Reader!! Johnny Depp Fan? Sexy Olivia Munn...Fan? Uhhh Yes! Check the info on the film along with its trailer below. Mortdecai is JDeep's Next film and its old English Weird and silly. From … [Read More]


The Criterion Collection November 2014 Movie Releases

The Criterion Collection has released its November DVD/Blu-Ray releases. Check it out below, Tootsie and The Shooting is mine. The Shooting/Ride in the Whirlwind Monte … [Read More]


German Martial Arts Flick? Yes! One Million K(L)icks Gains Trailer

Hello Reader! Love Finding New Martial Arts films? Like B13, this film here reminds of the likeness and the action could be big. Check the info and trailer and thoughts and …. One Million K(L)icks … [Read More]