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The Treatment

Review: The Treatment (Artsploitation Films)

Masked Avenger Reviews Artsploitation Films upcoming Blu-Ray The Treatment. This Dark Crime Drama Twisted into Perfection Click here to See what the Ninja Thinks


Upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for this Tuesday 7-7-15

This Tuesday New Blu-Ray and DVD’s will be hitting store shelves. What will you be picking up. Click here to see what is releasing. New Move Releases 7-7-15


Review: Reckless (Artsploitation Films)

Masked Avenger Reviews Artsploitation Films Upcoming DVD Reckless. Is it any Good? Do we get to see some Nudity? How is the PQ? Click here to find out

I Am Chris Farley

I Am Chris Farley Documentary Gets A Trailer

Documentary about Comedy Legend Chris Farley called I Am Chris Farley gets a trailer. Click here to check it out.

Killing Jimmy Hoffa

Review: Killing Jimmy Hoffa (MVDvisual)

Masked Avenger Reviews MVDvisuals Documentary Killing Jimmy Hoffa. Did the Ninja Like it? Did he find out anything new? Click here to find out.

Steve Jobs

The Other More Realistic Steve Jobs Movie Gains a Trailer

Another movie about Steve Jobs just dropped a trailer. Will It be Better? More Accurate? Will it Dive deeper into to his Life? Click here to see.

All American Bully

Review: All American Bully (Wild Eye Releasing)

Masked Avenger reviews Wild Eye Releasing’s All American Bully on DVD. Is it any good? How Does it Look? Click here to find out.

Creed - poster - srf

Creed Gains Trailer – Rocky Makes a Comeback as a Coach

Rocky Balboa’s Legacy Continues in Creed. Trailer is here for your enjoyment so click here to check it out ninja. I Did


Review: Contamination (Arrow Video)

Masked Avenger Reviews Arrow Video’s Release Contamination. What does the ninja think of this 80’s Syfy film about alien bursting eggs? Click here to see

Secret in Their Eyes

Secret in Their Eyes Gets Trailer – Stars Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts

Film Starring Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts that is – Secret in Their Eyes Gains a trailer. Does it look good? Click here to check it out.