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John Woo is Back on the Big Screen with ‘The Crossing: Part 1′ – Trailer

Hello Reader! Love John Woo Films? Action, Drama and Explosions? Combined the two and you got this epic John Woo Film. Check it out below. The Crossing: Part 1 is John Woo's next film where he will … [Read More]


Dojo Podcast: Clarke ILLmatical – PT 2

Dojo Podcast #9: Clarke Illmatical - PT 2 Dojo Podcast is pack with Part 2 of the Clarke Illmatical Review. Check it out below or hit the link above to go to filmfandojo to see all  the videos and … [Read More]


Full Trailer for Tsui Hark’s ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’

Hello Reader! Love Asian Films? Then you should know Who Tsui Hark is than right? Check this news out, I’m Liking it. The Taking of Tiger Mountain is Tsui Hark’s upcoming film and from the trailer … [Read More]


Mark Wahlberg’s Next Film ‘The Gambler’ Gains Trailer

Hello Reader! Love Mark Wahlberg films? How about films that deal with Gambling? Well you combine the two you get the news below, so come and check it out along with a trailer. The Gambler is Mark … [Read More]

The Criterion Collection February 2015

The Criterion Collection February 2015 Movie Releases

The Criterion Collection has released its February DVD/Blu-Ray releases. Check it out below   Every Man for Himself Jean-Luc Godard 1980 • 88 minutes • 1.66:1 • France Spine: … [Read More]

New Move Releases 11-18-14

Upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for this Tuesday 11-18-14

New Move Releases 11-18-14 Its Sunday and Tuesday is only two days away. That means new Movies will hit stores in DVD or Blu-Ray Format … or 3D. What are you going to pick up, Check out Upcoming … [Read More]


The Cobbler Starring Adam Sandler – Looks to Be Good

Hello Reader! Love Adam Sandler in a More Serious e role and not the over the top comedy character? Well Hey this is for you granted it this film has some comedy to it but it looks fun. The Cobbler … [Read More]


Kevin James is Back with “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2″ – Trailer Inside

Hello Reader! Did you like Paul Blart Mall Cop or at least found some entertainment out of it? I thought it was OK and if you did too you might want to check this news out. Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 is … [Read More]

Chappie - SRF (2)

District 9 Directer Films New Film “Chappie” Trailer Inside

Hello Reader! Love District 9? Elysium? Well Hey The Director from both has a new film that has a Feel of District 9 and to some level Wall-E. Love what I'm saying? Check the news and trailer … [Read More]


Dojo Podcast: Clarke ILLmatical

Dojo Podcast# 8: Clarke Illmatical Another Podcast Episode is here from Dojo Podcast. This go around Clarke ILLmatical gets reviewed. Check it out below or hit the link above to go to filmfandojo to … [Read More]