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50 Movies That Need To Be Released on Blu-Ray

50 films that need bluHello Reader! Do you like Blu-Ray? Well Hey we here at soreelflix love Blu-Rays and we sit back and chat about films that are not on Blu-Ray. Say What? Not on Blu-Ray Yet? O Hell No!

In This article we will be posting 5 movies every week  for 10 weeks until we have a list of 50 movies that are not currently on Blu-Ray in the United States.

Please if you want to post comments on what films you wish were on Blu-Ray but are not. Please go ahead, also if you see movies on are list that you think don’t deserve a Blu-Ray treatment. Don’t be shy, Share your opinions.

The list is set, we have 50 films to share with you that we think should get the Blu-Ray Treatment. Hope you enjoy

Disclaimer! The movies I list here at the time of writing this are only on DVD in the U.S. By the time you are reading this, whether it’s in a few months to a year or more, the films may have already gotten a Blu-Ray Release. I Hope So!

This list will be created as an EBook at the end of this Article when all 50 films have been listed. The films will be posted in Particular order.

The Entire Article can also be Downloaded on eBook Here – eBook D/L

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