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Only ads that relate to site will be shown (this is a movie news and reviews website and only will allow ads that relate to it)

  • Their are 4 Ad locations
  1. Header (475 x 100)
  2. Top of Right sidebar (250 x 250)
  3. Bottom of Right sidebar (250 x 250)
    4. Top of Right sidebar for main  Asian cinema section(250 x 250) ($12 a year) ….Excludes Asian cinema movie reviews. (250 x250)

-Header Ad will be viewable on whole site

-Both top and bottom sidebars (spots 2 & 3) will show on every part of site except all movie reviews, main section of Asian cinema section

  • Ad photos and links are required
  • once bought , Ad photos can be changed during its duration(no fee) with other photo/ad photos you want to change it with.

Click Photo to see Ad Spots



  • Pricing is set by amount of traffic  SoReel Flix Generates and pricing will change over time but not during your Ad Duration you paid for
    (long time subscribers can work out a deal if prices increase due to traffic increase for next subscription refresh)
  • Ad Duration (set price-will not change during your Ad duration)
  1. 2 weeks
  2. One Month
  3. Six Months
  4. One Year
  5. Asian Cinema Section is 1 year for $12
  • Once duration of ad has expired, ad will be taken down (will notify a week before expiration)
  • All ad spots subscriptions can be renewed (option will be giving in expiration notification)

For Pricing and Questions check below



  • Giving products to Soreelflix (dvds…ext ) will be reviewed and will have company link linking reader to your website
  • You don’t need to have ad spots on Soreelflix to give Products for reviews



If you want to advertize on Soreelflix Fill out info below along with

  1. Company name
  2. What ad spot
  3. How long you want to advertize for
  4. Product Sharing

Ask if you have any other Questions or ideas related to advertizing or product sharing/ partnership

It will be a pleasure to work with you

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