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Another Next Martial Art Heroine in Garuda 7

She is Austrian Nationality, born in Indonesia and taken gift from her Father who is expert in PMG=Sentak a Indonesian Traditional Pencak Silat base on West Sumatra. Born in 1986, the daughter of Grandmaster Pandeka Mihar Walk Tan Pangeran in the city of Padang, on the coast of West Sumatra, Indonesia.

PMG = Sentak:
PMG = Sentak is a traditional martial art from West – Sumatra, Indonesia, and was adopted by the internationally renowned Grand Master Pandeka Mihar. PMG = Sentak has the roots from the centuries old martial arts Silek.
Characterized PMG = Sentak are snatching defense – and attack techniques that have their origin in the observation of flora and fauna in West – Sumatra.

At the age of 3 she left Indonesia with her father, and moved to Austria where she started at the age of 4 Martial Art PMG=Sentak (Pandeka Mihar Institute)
With 9 Years she took part in adult training.

This was followed by several appearances on ORF (Austrian television), Indonesian television and print media interviews in Austria.
From the 10th Each year she participated in numerous seminars and study tours in Pandeka Mihar Institute in Vienna. Study led to the land of the Minangkabau in West – Sumatra.
Participation in numerous demonstrations of the Pandeka Mihar Institute (Indonesian Embassy, OPEC’s, Museum Quarter, Ensemble Theater, Water World, festivals in West Sumatra, …).
Participation in the festival Silek Urak Balabek Pauah IX in Padang, West Sumatra, on 17.2.2007, and at several Silek and dance festivals in West Sumatra.

• Educational work in children – and youth training since 2000.
• Annual stage performances at the Ensemble Theater in Vienna and co-organization of the demonstrations.
• Fight choreographer in an advertising spot
• Experiences in Muay Thai, Wing Tzun, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo
• Model – Sminfinita Fashion,Garibaldi,be a good girl, etc.
• Stuntwoman SedCard: Haeger Stunts- & Wireworks (Berlin)
• Security – WUK (Vienna)
– FLEX (Vienna)

07.03.2002 ceremony Pendekar I (masters degree).
27.11.2005, awarded the title of Pendekar II (Ganda) (Master Grade II) as part of the birthday party of Pandeka Mihar Walk Tan Pangeran and the PMG = Sentak Institute.
23.09.2008, awarded the title of Pendekar III (Tiga) (Master Grade III).

Pandeka Mihar Walk Tan Pangeran
Silek tuo: Chun Hendry

Education – Minangkabau Traditional Dance:

In 2000, she was trained in minangkabau dance.
The people of Minangkabau has included an extensive cultural heritage of the many dances. Many of the dances have a close connection to Silek, the traditional martial art. These dances in the South – Eastern Asia and have gained worldwide significance.

Dance repertoire:
Randai / Classic Talking, singing and fighting Theater
Tari Piriang / plate Dance (2000)
Tari Rantak / tap dance (2000)
Tari Indang / Dance Fischer (2000)
Tari Maurak langkah / Dance of the unfolding steps (2003)
Tari Pasambahan / Opening Dance (2005)
Tari Barabah / Dance Paradise (2007)
Tari Bagurau / Festtanz (2008)

Informed by:
Minangkabaudance: Kamala Devi

Teaching since 2000 in Pandeka Mihar Institute – School of Southeast Asian movement and martial arts.

And Now Puti Kaisar Mihara is Aboard in Garuda 7 movie project along with lots of Indonesian Action Star who are famous in early 80’s and 90’s such as Barry Prima, George Rudy, Willy Dozan (Billy Chong), Avent Christie, Leo Chandra, and also International Action Star like Mark Dacascos, Michael Dudikoff and Richard Norton. who will start the production shoot in this September 2013.

Producer Bey Logan and Director Bagus Ariatama are preparing Puti to Become a New Martial Art action star.

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