The_Golden_Era_srfHello Reader! Love Asian Film that Doesn’t involve Martial Arts? Well this film is that film and looks like its Beautifully Shot with great Camera angles and movements. That’s not a Reason to enjoy a film its the story and I feel from the trailer this will be a good watch. Check info and trailer below.

The Golden Era is a Chinese Production film were the story focuses on a Female Writer who runs away from an arranged marriage during the Japanese Occupation. From the trailer the over all look looks good. The story looks to be good as well and for me this is a film I would Buy on Blu-Ray. The film is directed by Ann Hui and the film has a long run time of 177 minutes. It should be story packed.  Trailer below, check it and comment.

The Golden Era stars – Tang Wei, Feng Shao feng, Wang Zhiwen, Zhu Yawen and is due to hit big screens in China on October 1, 2014 and no word as of yet if a distributing company will pick this up for an US release.

Plot: Twenty to forty years of the last century, the Chinese, it is a people full of air, brighter era, a group of young people experienced a drift of time, the freedom to pursue dreams and love, it was deep-seated in the displaced courtship, it was in protest of the hoping the home country’s future …… Xiao Hong, a maverick woman, all the way into exile, from north to south, from Harbin to Hong Kong, while Duobizhanluan, while experiencing a cause for regret and broke our hearts to love and life. Strong for students struggling for dead in her pen through the paper back, her life is also true.

Trailer: The Golden Era


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