Golden Cane Warrior Banner - SRFHello Reader! Love Martial arts Action? Cool Staff battles? Or I should say Cane in for this film. Hey I like all those things and if you like them as well, this news is for you. Check out the news and trailer below.

Golden Cane Warrior is a Martial Arts film out of Indonesia and the film go’s all Donatello on your ass with Cain(Staff)  action. I like what I’m seeing in the trailer and I’m looking forward to this one. Check the trailer and let us know what you think below.

Golden Cane Warrior Stars: Nicholas Saputra, Eva, Celia, Reza Rahadian, Tara Basro, Christine Hakim and is set to open on big screens in Indonesia on December 18, 2014. No word on a USA Release, I hope some one picks it up.

Plot: As the most honourable, powerful and respected institution, the Golden Cane School protects the kingdom from enemy attacks. Golden Cane’s relic weapon and tactics have become a symbol of the strength, leadership and wisdom of the Golden Cane School. The Golden Cane is a deadly, unbeatable weapon, which until now, has only been possessed by Grandfather Wirabumi. Wirabumi, leader of the school and holder of the Golden Cane, is very old. It is known that he will pass the Golden Cane down to one of his best students — Biru, Dara or Banyu.

Wirabumi’s strongest student, Biru, has long desired to be the school’s leader and heir to the Golden Cane staff and moves. For him, this is the road to the peak of power. Unexpectedly, Wirabumi chooses Dara as the successor. Biru and the King’s heir, who has the same ambition, plan to snatch the Golden Cane from Wirabumi and Dara. They poison and kill Wirabumi, but Dara and Banyu manage to escape. Betrayed, Dara and Banyu vow revenge for their master. They are also worried that the kingdom and the Golden Cane institution will fall into the wrong hands. They seek the only person left who knows the Golden Cane moves — the Golden Cane Warrior. This is Wirabumin’s last message before his death.

Trailer: Golden Cane Warrior

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