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Its Here! Its Here! TOM YUM GOONG 2 Trailer – Come on In

tom-yum-goong-2-bannerHello Reader! I have some cool trailer news and that is Tony Jaa’s next film Tom Yum Goong 2 or The Protector 2 gets a Teaser Trailer.

My Take: I waited and waited and waited a year passes and I finally get to see a glimpse and so far Im not that impressed. Why? Let me tell you reader it’s because it just showcases some stunts mixed with CGI. I feel there will be too much CGI in this film but I wish =I could have sen some Hand to hand or I should say Elbow to Skull action in this.

So Now Im still sitting here hopping it’s still going to be good. Pleeeaase, Lets see some Muay Thai.

The trailer just show cases Stunt work in chase sequences also shows a few character shots like my girl Jejaa Yanin and Rza. Also a thousand Motorcycles chasing Jaa.

Overall still can’t wait and I feel this will still be a fun movie the watch. Let me know what you think Here below or on are Facebook.


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  1. Yes, I see what you are saying. Tony doesn’t need to be surrounded by tons of special effects. He just needs a decent story and film to showcase his real, amazing, singular martial arts skills. However, having said that… I’m still psyched beyond belief to see a new Jaa film (with the added bonus of Jejaa!), and can hardly wait.

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