Hello Reader! Love Asian Action? How About Movies about Wong Fei Hung or just straight up hand to hand action with some sharp tools involved? He We Can wait so check the info and trailer below.

Rise of The Legend has that Ip Man Feel With a Jet li’s Fearless like action and a scene or two you may have seen Jet Li do first in The Legend and Legend 2 with an ally like scene and a bunch of guys granted I didn’t see 5 or 6 swords tucked in his wear. Over all from the trailer it looks like the film will be a fun watch with action stars of the past and new. Check the trailer out and tell us if this is a Hit or Miss for you.

Rise of The Legend stars – Eddie Peng, Sammo Hung, Wang Luodan, Wong Cho-lam and is due to hit big screens in China on November 21, 2014 and hopefully soon after here In the States…I Hope.

Plot: None Posted Yet

Trailer: Rise of The Legend


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