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Tony Jaa and Wu Jing To Star Along Side Each other! O Shit

TonyJaaWuJing-thumb-630xauto-43672Hello Reader! Have some cool news! Do you enjoy Tony Jaa films? how about Wu Jing Films? How about Both starring in the same Movie? O Hell Yea

Tony Jaa and Wu Jing will star alongside each other in SPL 2. This rumor has been going around for a good while now,  and now it’s happening. Productions will start on SPL 2 Spring 2014 after Jaa is done with The Fast and Furious 7 and Skin Trade.

Tony Jaa took a trip to Hong Kong and all signs pointed to SPL 2

Here is what Jaa posted on Facebook

Hi Everyone, Good Morning. I am on a very quick trip to Hong Kong for something that will be announced in the near future. I will have to keep you guessing for a little while, but I think you will like what I am doing here. Back to Atlanta tomorrow. TJ

If you’re a Martial Art film viewer like me than you know that SPL 1 was a great flick and now I feel it will get a step up on becoming even better with the adding of Tony Jaa after the loss of Donnie Yen to this Project.

Here is the Official Word from Jaa’s Camp

Tony Jaa has signed to star in SPL II which is being produced by Sun Entertainment Culture Limited. The film stars Tony and Legendary Assassin star Jackie Wu (Wu Jing), who probably has the fastest spinning back kick on planet earth.

Jaa is thrilled to be part of this film, and you can expect some surprise appearances in the film. The action choreography is being handled by Dion Lam who was heavily involved in the stunt work on Spider Man 2. Wilson Yip remains very much involved with Terrence Cheung in the director’s chair. The film while targeted towards the China and Asian markets will also be released in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. The collaboration represents a breakthrough effort in Chinese film making between a non-Chinese action star and an all star Chinese line up. The film will be shot in Thailand, China and Hong Kong. The story is an action/drama that should keep the audience very much on the edge of their seats.

Sun Entertainment will release more complete information shortly, and will update on a regular basis. Shooting begins in early Spring of 2014.

Cant wait to see what happens but for now I’m just pumped to see Tony Jaa in The Fast and Furious 7 …and before that Would love to see Tom Yum Goong 2



Tony Jaa posted on His Facebook about this news. Here is what he has said.

Hi Everyone. I am really excited to tell you that I will be starring in SPL 2, the sequel to the action thriller SPL (Sha Po Lang). I am equally excited to have Wu Jing the star of Legendary Assassin as my co-star. There are some really neat additional cast members that you will hear about soon and the action will be amazing. SPL 2 will shoot next Spring after I finish the shoot of Skin Trade with my friend Dolph Lundgren. I am heading back to Atlanta for the rest of the Fast and Furious 7 shoot. Best Wishes TJ
SO we know for sure this film will be happening with Tony Jaa
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