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Zatoichi – On Blu-Ray? – Click Here and Pre Order This Insane Box Set

zatoichi_spotlight1_largeHello Reader! Got Some Insane News. Do you like Zatoichi? Never Heard of Him? WTF

Zatoichi comes to Blu-Ray and when it is coming, it is coming in an insane box set by The Criterion Collection. The Box Set of Zatoichi includes all 25 films but Is missing the 26th film due to The Criterion Collection Not having the rights to sell.

The Set will have 9 Blu-Rays with 3 films on each disc and  18 DVDs. With a run time of 2198 Minutes you will have a good amount of fun watching people get cut up. The set its the street on November 26, 2013 and I can tell you that this will be on my shelf a day or two later.

Box Set Info From The Criterion Collection:

The colossally popular Zatoichi films make up the longest-running action series in Japanese history and created one of the screen’s great heroes: an itinerant blind masseur who also happens to be a lightning-fast swordsman. As this iconic figure, the charismatic and earthy Shintaro Katsu became an instant superstar, lending a larger-than-life presence to the thrilling adventures of a man who lives staunchly by a code of honor and delivers justice in every town and village he enters. The films that feature him are variously pulse-pounding, hilarious, stirring, and completely off-the-wall. This deluxe set features the string of twenty-five Zatoichi films made between 1962 and 1973, collected in one package for the first time.

  • New digital restorations of all twenty-five films, with uncompressed monaural soundtracks on the Blu-rays
  • The Blind Swordsman, a 1978 documentary about Zatoichi portrayer and filmmaker Shintaro Katsu, along with a new interview with its director, John Nathan
  • New interview with Asian-film critic Tony Rayns
  • Trailers for all twenty-five films
  • New English subtitle translations
  • PLUS: A book featuring an essay by critic Geoffrey O’Brien; synopses of the films by critic, novelist, and musician Chris D.; “The Tale of Zatoichi,” the original short story by Kan Shimozawa; and twenty-five new illustrations inspired by the films, by twenty-five different artistsCover by Ron Wimberly. Additional illustrations by Greg Ruth, Paul Pope, Scott Morse, Samuel Hiti, Josh Cochran, Evan Bryce, Ricardo Venâncio, Robert Goodin, Yuko Shimizu, Jorge Coelho, Vera Brosgol, Matt Kindt, Connor Willumsen, Patrick Leger, Jim Rugg, Jhomar Soriano, Angie Wang, Ming Doyle, Caitlin Kuhwald, Benjamin Marra, Bill Sienkiewicz, Andrew MacLean, Polly Guo, Barnaby Ward, Victor Kerlow.

Click here to learn more about each film

If you like Zatoichi Please Pre-Order from this Link  Below

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soreelflix will get a percentage from every buy without any extra cost to you. Not only that when you pre-order now you will be guaranteed the lowest prize on Amazon

Check out the art work for each film below.

Zatoichi Cover Artwork

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