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Review: Hong Kong Godfather

Hong Kong Godfather
Hong Kong Godfather
Rating: 3 out of 5

Starring:  Leung Kar-yan, Norman Tsui

Directed: Wang Lung-wei

Release Date: 1985

Run Time: 95 Minutes

Format: DVD

Mandarin / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Funimation Entertainment


The Triad underworld is at war in 1985’s Hong Kong Godfather, a blood-splattered tale of revenge, sex, and corruption.
A violent new gang is hacking away at crime boss Szetu Han’s power. When the old man and his family are viciously murdered, Han’s three most trusted men – retired killer Mad Wei, hitman Playboy Lung, and Sergeant Wen, a city cop – undertake a brutal campaign of street justice.

Featuring iconic martial arts villain Shih Chien (Bruce Lee’s diabolical nemesis in Enter the Dragon), Hong Kong Godfather has long been considered one of the hardest to obtain titles from the Shaw Brothers canon – until now.

My Thoughts

The film is a gangster film that involves 2 sides wanting to take over certain territories. Full of machete kills and some hand to hand combat with a few gun shots this film is half action half story.

Sporting my man beardy and Bruce lee’s nemeses in enter the dragon(the one with the claw)  Hsu Shao chiang as the leader for the gang the story is based around.
You never know why they want the territories they are fighting for they never showed or explained it.
If they would of added more to the story and got more involved of what the gangs do to earn a living this would be a better film.

The film doesn’t have dubbing and it is in full screen. also the film is a little blurry on some of the actors faces, not sure if they did this to make it look like better quality so you don’t see pixels or what but I found my self once or twice thinking about it during the film.

This is no kung fu film and don’t forget Shaw Brothers did other films besides kung fu. Their is some nudity and the whole set was something like Scarface with the music and clothing but no coke.

The film isn’t bad but its not great, this might be a hit or a miss depending who you are. The fights were cool acting was good ending is like some other shaw brother films and some drama. i like the film over all so I give the film a

3  out of 5

This Movie can Be found on Amazon


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