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Review: Broken Sword Hero (Well Go USA)

Broken Sword Hero


Starring:  Buakaw Banchamek
Directed: Bin Bunluerit
Studio: Well Go USA
Format:  Blu-Ray
Disc Release Date: October 31, 2017



Based on a real warrior from Thailand s Ayutthaya period, Broken Sword Hero follows the heroics of legendary military general Thongdee. From the disparity as a young runaway to the toughest warrior among his people, a legendary fighter with unparalleled skills in Muay Thai and swordplay, fights for the freedom of his people.


My Review:

Broken Sword Hero is an Intense Muay Thai Action film based on a real warrior. The Film follows Joi whom later changes his name to Thongdee from when he was a child to adulthood. As a child he was bullied by the son of the Governor. After looking for training from his Uncle his father tells him now. One day when train in on his own to beat the bullies he hurts the Governors son bad and with the thoughts of being killed he runs away. Now in his adulthood he studies different techniques with different masters to be come to best fighter.

The story has more to it but also it needs more too it. It’s a two-hour movie but it does need more story as it seems to go to fast. Not really getting to know some of the others in the camps he trains in. We need more character building. The ending we didn’t get to see what happens with his old Bully whom has been chasing him his entire life trying to get his father to OK the killing but never gets it. The action was great with that Muay Thai action feel somewhat to Tony Jaa. Loved the whole training with different masters but we don’t get to see some of the training fully and that would have also been great to see. The stunts look great and real, the only time we see fake is the CGI portion when a sword gets put into someone. I do like the story and I do wish it would be built better showcasing more training and Character devilment of the other people. The main Lead was great and do look forward to seeing more of him on-screen. Buakaw Banchamek is the guys name and he also a real fighter.

Overall the film was a fun viewing even with its long run time of two hours. I also wish we had more, more action and more story built don’t see how we can fit it in with out masking the film longer. Great action good story on paper.

With that said I give this film a 3.5 out of 5. The film had potential to being even better if the story was portrayed better so I didn’t feel like we were skipping days and weeks in the story. I say pick it up and give it a shot. I think the film might grow om me more after another viewing and was hinting at a 4 out of 5. Perhaps its just Buakaw who shines with talent on-screen that makes me what to re watch.



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