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Review: Female Prisoner Scorpion- Jailhouse 41

Female Prisoner Scorpion- Jailhouse 41 
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41
Rating: 4 out of 5

Starring: Meiko Kaji 

Directed: Shunya Ito

Release Date: 1972

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Format: DVD

Japanese / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Eastern Star


Matsu, known to the prisoners as Scorpion, is locked away in the bowels of the prison as revenge for disrupting the smooth operation of the prison and for her disfiguring attack on the warden.

Granted a one day reprieve due to the visit of a dignitary, she takes advantage and attacks the warden again. This leads to more brutal punishment and humiliation. But the punishment gives her an opportunity to escape along with six other female prisoners. Their surreal flight from prison pits the convicts against the guards, the warden and each other.

My Thoughts

The 2nd Film of the 4 film series begins where the 1st film ends. After escaping and taking revenge Scorpion(Meko Kaji) is now back in jail. She is Treated harshly by the same warden and is keep out of sight in a Holding cell that is cave like underground for a year. Until they let  her out to enjoy some sunlight, Wrong move she creates a riot again and her punishment along with the other inmates is hard labor.
After returning in a police wagon from the labor site the inmates start beating scorpion up as she was to blame and she pretended to be dead.

One thing lead to another the 2 guards are taken over after stopping to check out what happened. The 7 inmates including scorpion are on the run through out the film being chased by cops .

Do they get away do some die, you have to watch haha. Meiko with her blank stare again i think she doesn’t have any vocal lines at all  including none thorough out the first film but that’s OK because you know what she is thinking.

This film was similar to the first  but still entertaining. Nudity, girl on girl sex, guns, stabbings same as the first film also in wide-screen format this film was good but not as good as the first. so it gets a rating of

4 out of 5


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