Miyamoto Musashi
Ultimate Samurai Miyamoto Musashi

Starring: Kinnosuke Nakamura

Directed: Tomu Uchida

Release Date: 1961 – 1965

Run Time:  570 Minutes

Format: DVD

Japanese / Subtitles:  English

Distributor: AnimEigo


An epic 5-film series that chronicles the life of Japan’s most famous swordsman, Miyamoto Mushashi, founder of the Niten-ryu school of swordsmanship, and author of The Book of Five Rings, the world-famous book on strategy, tactics and philosophy. Set against the backdrop of Japan’s tumultuous warring-states period, this five-film saga chronicles the rise of Miyamoto Musashi as he evolves from untamed warrior to become Japan’s most famous swordsman.- AnimEigo

My Thoughts

Follow the journey of one of the most known and respected Samurai in a 5 film set called Miyamoto Musashi. Miyamoto Musashi is a real person by the way and for more info on him check out this link [ Here ].

The box set is a great watch from the first film to the fifth film and distributed by AnimEigo who for me have the best subtitles mixing it up with colors so it easier to follow.

The first film follows a man called Takezo who later is renamed Musashi where the names have the same meaning. Takezo and his best friend Matachi end up on the losing side of a battle. Both are one of few who have survived and end up staying with a older woman and her daughter after finding them stilling from the dead solders. Soldiers find them later on and Takezo ends up defeating them buyt after thre chases he returns back to find his best friend and the 2 ladies left him. Takezo returns home to tell Matahachi’s mother what has happen also to let Otsu his friends fiancé know he is in the arms of another woman but the mother doesn’t believe him and sets him up to be captured and tortured.

During the first film you see Takezo take a wrong path but gets set on a new path the way of the sword. From being a mad man to being discipline. During the other 4 films Takezo now called Musashi is set on defeating the best sword handlers and along his journey finds him self taking in a student who is a child. You will find some good sword fights along his way and not just one on one. You will also see most of the characters in the first film like Musashi’s friend, Otsu, the woman he had stayed with in the 1st film all intertwine through the 5 films and a lot of the time not even know they are around each other.

The 3rd Birth of the Nito-ryu Style you will see Musashi define a new style without even knowing it it…the birth of  using 2 swords at one time. Once the 4th film hits the action increases and you will get to see another samurai who might be able to take Musashi and in the 5th film you will get to see the two duel  Which is  to be the most famous duel in Japans history.

Over all the box set was good with good action and story line, With it based on a real person who I have read up on 10 years ago before I even started to watch Samurai films. The films were created in the 60’s and still stand up today. Im not gonna lie but the film did have some scenes I felt could have been cut down to make it more entertaining and has a few plot holes  but over all I give the box set a 4 out of 5 and can hang with the Samurai Trilogy in-which is based on Musashi as well.

The star of the film Kinnosuke NAKAMURA is the main reason I got the box set after seeing a few of his other films like Revenge where he does a great job in the acting department. He also does a real good job here as well and I recommend the box set and While you’re at it  check out some of the other films Kinnosuke NAKAMURA stars in.

Also you can see where catching the flys with chop sticks come from. Mr Miyagi wasn’t the first haha


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