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Review: The Battle Wizard

The Battle Wizard 
 The Battle Wizard

Starring: Danny Lee, Lin Chen Chi

Directed: Pao Hsueh

Release Date: 1977

Run Time: 73 Minutes

Format: DVD

Eng / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Well Go USA


A brother, Tuan Yu, who loves books and a sister, Mu Wan-Ching, who loves swords must face the yellow-robed warrior, the Red Python, a sinuous snake-charmer and a silk-masked beauty (who must kill or wed the first man to see her face) before they can bring peace to their battle-addled family. Danny Lee (John Woo s The Killer) stars as Tuan Yu, while the striking Tanny Tien Ni, plays Mu Wan-Ching, in this familial fight fest.

My Thoughts

This is a Shaw Brothers Film that is head blowing magic action. 90% of the action is magic the other 10% is the main character getting slapped by several women a few time trough out the film. The Plot is a weird revenge story with  against a man who is brothers with the king. One is a woman he slept with  but didn’t tell her he was married but later on that chick only wants revenge against to guys wife.She Wanted her dead for some weird reason. Another is a guy who got his leg shot off by the same guy ,the king’s brother with his laser fingers lol.

Years go by –  the guy with no legs creates mechanical legs and some how gains super powers. The lady who slept with the kings brother has a daughter that is his and she is all grown up Her mother wants her to kill the king’s brothers wife.

The king’s brother has a son and is set to be next in line to be king but does not know kung fu and does not really care, but go’s out trying to see if he can live a day on the outside world with out the knowledge of kung fu. The journey finds him meeting all kinds of things like the snake lady who becomes his friend,  a rare snake wrapped around him that if he drank its blood he will become invincible, poisonous toads, crazy magic laser shows with cartoonish effects at times, ninja chick with a bone that shoots magic arrows, and a guy with a lobster claw as an arm.

.It got weird but i enjoyed it oddly enough. It was cheese and it was funny and it had mistakes. It’s also shorter than most kung fu flicks with a run time of 1 hr 13 min

My rating for this film is 4 0ut of 5

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