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Review: The Duel of The Century

The Duel of The Century
Sword Masters: The Duel of the Century **Shaw Brothers**

Starring: Sun Chien, Pai Piao, Liu Yung

Directed: Chu Yuan

Release Date: 1981

Run Time: 95 Minutes

Format: DVD

 Mandarin / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Well Go USA


Liu Yung and Sun Chien team to investigate the martial-art murders of a supposedly mortally wounded swordsman, only to find deception, death, double-dealings, imposters and one deadly duel after another.

My Thoughts

This a Shaw Brothers film that is  more on the mystery side. The plot filled with twists is about a duel between 2 skilled swordsman but something is going on before the fight. One of the fighters gets hurt and a lot of people who have placed bets are angry and for some reason folks are dying.
With every thing that is going on one man takes the job on to find out what the hell is going on. He is a friend to both of the fighters that are gonna face in the duel and the only guy who fights with out weapons because of his finger technique that can takeaway any weapon from anybody haha. On his journey he finds he is in the middle of imposters, double dealings, poisonings, explosions, and for some reason they want to test his fingers.

The Action is good but don’t go in thinking its gonna be 80% Action with it as the flick is focused on mystery solving. I enjoyed the film it had some funny parts and it had you thinking. There is no dubbing so you will have to read the subtitles, for me I don’t mind i enjoy it both ways ( in a non sexual way).

My rating for this film is 4 out of 5

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