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Review: The lady Hermit

The lady Hermit 
The Lady Hermit
Rating: 4 out of 5

Starring: Cheng Pei Pei, Lo Lieh

Directed: Ho Meng Hua

Release Date: 1971

Run Time: 97 Minutes

Format: DVD

EngMandarin / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Funimation Entertainment


She’ll teach you a thing or two about bloodshed.
From the vaults of the Shaw Brothers hails a film that showcases the legendary wuxia masters’ talent like a blood-soaked prize. In a performance celebrated as her magnum opus, Cheng Pei-Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) memorably demands body parts from her foes in a vengeful rage.

Cheng is the Lady Hermit: a paragon of poise and stealth, in hiding for years, plotting revenge ever since her injurious run-in with the sinister Black Knight. Shih Szu (Shaolin Handlock) is a lethal go-getter with wicked bullwhip skills who begs Cheng to teach her, hoping to slay the demon herself. The Black Knight’s days are numbered as the Lady Hermit and her protege perfect the technique to take him down – one called the Flying Tiger.

My Thoughts

This is a swords play flick where the woman is the main swords expert. The lady Hermit has been in hiding awaiting to recover from a back injury she suffered from the black night. When she is fully healed she plans on killing him because he is a bad person. They have met before which is way she is injured, and she has been practicing to overcome his skill. Along the way she meets a lady who is searching for her for training while she was in hiding.

The movie is decent with blood splatter and some nice sword fights, But some scenes are speed up. Not the whole fight scene s but some movements in a fight scene are sped up. There is a Indiana Jones temple of doom moment where a bridge is cut and she is climbing up with back guys trying to get her.

I’m sure this film might have inspired that scene in temple of doom. Some funny moments with the effects like guys falling off the bridge, They look like action figures which I giggled at.

Over all the film is nice also rare find, there are a lot of 5 star reviews but for me it’s not. There are some holes in some scenes like what happens to the dude who was following the lady hermit near the end when she arrives to fight the black night he isn’t their but later on he shows up. The film quality is good but in some spots like other funimation films it gets a little blurry .

Its presented in wide-screen with original dubbing and there are some nice camera shots. I enjoyed the film and cannot forget this was made in 1971 so I give this a rating of

4 out of 5


 No Eng Dubbin or Subtitles in trailer
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