The Supreme Swordsman

The Supreme Swordsman
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Starring: Derek Yee, Pai Piao, Li Tien-lang

Directed: Li Pai Ling

Release Date: 1983

Run Time: 100 Minutes

Format: DVD

Mandarin / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Funimation Entertainment


99 have fallen. One remains.

It’s a blur of lethal blades as two of the Shaw Brothers’ most respected swordsmen, Derek Yee and Pai Piao, slash and slice their way through The Supreme Swordsman. After a decade spent working on the sets of many Shaw Brothers classics, Li Pai-ling steps up to direct this fast-paced display of expert swordplay.

A devious swordsman carves his way across China, cutting down every reputable blade master he can find. After taking the weapons of 99 defeated adversaries as trophies,
he turns his eyes to his final goal: defeating the one known as the Supreme Swordsman and claiming the legend’s title and sword as his own. The scoundrel’s malicious rampage seems unstoppable – until the son of a fallen sword maker finds the power to avenge his father’s death.

My Thoughts

This is  a swords play/Dark magic film from the Shaw brothers. The film never got any English dubbing so it only bhaves subtitles. Its about a man who collects swords from the top swordsmen and adds their swords to his collection after killing them to create a 100 sword collection.

The film started out pretty good with good sword fights, a decent plot that got me into it. About 35 minutes into the film the action scenes are sped up to make the fights look fast.. way to fast. This is what kills the movie for me. Why change it?

The first 5 fights scenes were normal speed, about 1 hour into the film it turns into a black magic film with fighters flying like superman and people flipping out of nowhere. All of a sudden every one has the ability to do crazy things.

The film doesn’t no what it wants to be. The first part of the film i was really into, getting hyped, looked like its was gonna be a serious sword film and then it switches to something different. I would say half of the film is decent the other not so good  so this is why i give this film a

2.5 out of 5

The Supreme Swordsman is available on Amazon


No Trailer So Here is the full Movie….hit the cc in the bottom right to get the subtitle.
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