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Review: Two Champions of Shaolin

Two Champions of Shaolin
Two Champions Of Shaolin

Starring: Sun Chien, Lu Feng, Philip Kwok, Wang Li, Lo Meng
Directed: Chang Cheh

Release Date: 1982

Run Time: 102 Minutes

Format: DVD

Eng / Subtitles:  Eng

Distributor: Well Go USA


The five venoms are reunited in Two Champions Of Shaolin, with four of the fab five wreaking havoc on screen and the fifth venom active behind the camera as action choreographer.

It s a battle between two Ching Dynasty clans, Shaolin and Wutang. The Shaolin champions are anti-Manchu and, naturally, represent the forces of good as they use their considerable force to crush the devious Wutang clan. The man behind the mayhem, director Chang Cheh, virtually invented the Shaolin genre of kung-fu movies and shows he has more than a few new tricks up his sleeve when unleashing his venomous heroes.

My Thoughts

This is a Shaw Brothers Film with a few venom’s in it. The movie is testicle ripping-tastic with good action, that good ol kung fu with acrobatics and plenty of kicks involved.

The plot is about a clan taking out another clan for this one clan But some folks in one of the clans hate this one clan and doesn’t take out the other clan because they hate that clan haha. The Ching government and the Manchus are trying to take out the Shaolin clan who are anti-Ching. With twists and turns, good action… who wins at end…I can tell you but i wont.

This film did go by another name (2 champions of death) and I now own both but this one has better pic quality. With a decent plot and lots of good action I rate this a classic your views might be different but for my 4th viewing the action is top-notch and I wish once in a while the new school films would revert back to the old school style with the acrobatics and kicks.

My rating for this movie is 5 out of 5

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