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Fight the Fire With This Trailer for – As The Light Goes Out

Hello Reader! Want to get your Fire Flix on? Do you Like Asian Cinema how about an Asian film about Firefighters? Intrigued? Check the News Below. As The Light Goes Out is an Asian Film about firefighters and I have to say I think this is the first. Well there is another Asian firefighter film […]

Tony Jaa and Wu Jing To Star Along Side Each other! O Shit

Hello Reader! Have some cool news! Do you enjoy Tony Jaa films? how about Wu Jing Films? How about Both starring in the same Movie? O Hell Yea Tony Jaa and Wu Jing will star alongside each other in SPL 2. This rumor has been going around for a good while now,  and now it’s […]

Two Shaw Brothers Films Coming in January

Hello Reader! Great news that Has The Shaw Brothers logo planted on a Movie case. What is this I say? Check it out below. In January we will have 2 new releases that involve Shaw Brothers Films. Thanks to Well Go USA, Their Sword Masters Line up will be releasing on DVD Legend of the […]

The Raid 2: Redemption – Pumps us Up With its Teaser Trailer

Hello Reader! Ready for some intense action? Extreme Gun and hand to hand and knife combat?  Uhhhh Hell yea! The Raid 2: Redemption (Berandel) just got a teaser trailer and viewable for you violent pleasures. From the trailer even though it’s a teaser get me pumped up as it opens up with Iko Uwais throwing […]

Jackie Chan’s – Police Story 2013 – Gains A Trailer

Hello Reader! Jackie Chan Fan are we? Asian action Blockbuster film fanatic? Hey check the news below. Police Story 2013 is the 6th Police Story titled film Jackie Chan has stared in. I have to say I enjoyed all the other 5 films so I can’t wait to see this one and from the trailer […]

Studio Ghibli’s Tale of The Bamboo Cutter Gets A Trailer

Hello Reader! We have some Studio Ghibli News. Are you interested? well hey check it out below. Tale of The Bamboo Cutter (The Tale of Princess KaguyaStudio) Ghibli’s next film has just released a trailer. Their latest film The Wind Rises might have just dropped on the big screen but looks like something newer is […]

Young Detective Dee Gets a Trailer – Come Check it Out

Hello Reader! Did you like The Asian Film Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame? If so I have some trailer news for you on its sequel. Young Detective Dee Rise of The Sea Dragon gets a full trailer viewable below. We have posted a teaser a few months ago but that didn’t […]

The Protector 2 – Trailer 2 – Does It Kick More Ass?

Hello Reader! More Trailer for TOM YUM GOONG 2 aka The Protector 2? say what! Also 5 new poster. The Protector 2 is almost here or I mean Thailand and we are still getting some more info on this film. New posters, trailers and still no news on the release here in the US. You […]

Zatoichi – On Blu-Ray? – Click Here and Pre Order This Insane Box Set

Hello Reader! Got Some Insane News. Do you like Zatoichi? Never Heard of Him? WTF Zatoichi comes to Blu-Ray and when it is coming, it is coming in an insane box set by The Criterion Collection. The Box Set of Zatoichi includes all 25 films but Is missing the 26th film due to The Criterion […]

Tony Jaa Demo Reel 2013 – Still Got It Check it Out

Hello Reader! Cool Video of Tony Jaa hit the web and is viewable below. Tony Jaa is back in a new demo reel that is both for training and reel work for a dog competition, hint the dog jumping around with Jaa. Pretty cool I can just watch an hour and a Half of Jaa […]

Shundou is Your Next Samurai Film That Takes it Back to Classic

Hello Reader! Have some sweet samurai news. Shundou is a samurai film that returns to its classic roots and can be seen below in the form of a trailer. From the trailer the quality of the film will look really good, great detail and colors. There is not much Acton in the trailer nor does […]

Upcoming Ghibli Studio Film – The Wind Rises Gets a Trailer with Subtitles

Hello Reader! Are you an animated movie fan? How about a Fan of Ghibli studio? I am and this looks like its going to be fun with good looking detail and story. The Wind Rises is the next film to come from Ghibli studio and straight from the mind from the man him self Hayao […]