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A Tale of Two Sisters – Hitting Blu-Ray – o yea

Hello Reader! I have some cool coming to Blu-Ray Soon news and it deals with two sisters. A Tale of Two Sisters I’m excited to announce that A Tale of Two Sisters Will be getting the Blu-Ray Treatment here in the US. Palisades Tartan has officially announced that it will bring this awesome Korean film […]

Its Here! Its Here! TOM YUM GOONG 2 Trailer – Come on In

Hello Reader! I have some cool trailer news and that is Tony Jaa’s next film Tom Yum Goong 2 or The Protector 2 gets a Teaser Trailer. My Take: I waited and waited and waited a year passes and I finally get to see a glimpse and so far Im not that impressed. Why? Let […]

Trailer For Donnie Yens Gritty Action Film – Special Identity

Hello Reader! Are you a Donnie Yen Fan? Do you Like Action? Well I have some News for you. Special Identity is Donnie Yens Next film on its way to hit big screens and I got the trailer for you to view below Special Identity Stars Donnie Yen, Tian Jing, Hanyu Zhang, Collin Chou and […]

Japanese Remake of Clint Eastwoood’s – Unforgiven Gets A Full Trailer

Hello Reader, I Have some cool news on The Remake of Unforgiven and that is it gets a full trailer. My last Write up on Unforgiven was some time ago and featured a teaser and now I can show you guys the full trailer so check it out below. More info about the film can […]

SnowPiercer – Come Check Out The Hi Def Trailer – It Looks Great

Hello Reader Check this out. South Korean Film Staring A Lot of Non Korean Actors and of Course Korean Actors and when I mean Korean I Mean South Korea …Come on Guys. The Film is called Snowpiercer  And this is director Bong Joon-Ho’s English-language debut and other films you may know of his – Mother […]

Teaser for The Sequel To – Detective Dee

Hello all and thank you for checking. I Know you were going to any way because you love Asian films just like me right? Well if so Check this out you will love it. You remember that film called Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame right? Well Guess what?  Its got a […]

Man of Tai Chi – Full Trailer Inside

Man of Tai Chi Gets a full Trailer.  I posted a teaser some time ago but now you can see whats really going on, so peep it below. Here is the last Article I wrote about Man of Tai Chi  starring Keanu Reeves where you can learn more info about the film.[Here] and [Here] Sadly […]

Well Go USA – Picks Up Two Films I really Want to See – What Are They?

Nice!  Well Go USA Picks up 2 films I feel Will be good buys and good views and I cant wait to see them. Im sure you will want to see both of Them like me, Let me know below if you do? So what films did Well Go Pick Up?   Donnie Yen’s Iceman Cometh […]

Get Ready – Well Go USA is Releasing Chow Yun-Fat’s – The Last Tycoon

  Well Go picked up The last Tycoon some time ago, but now we get when they are going to release this bad boy on Blu-Ray The last Tycoon stars Chow Yun-fat, Sammo Hung, Huang Xiaoming, Francis Ng, Yuan Quan and directed by Wong Jing The Last Tycoon is set to hit us in the […]

Another Next Martial Art Heroine in Garuda 7

She is Austrian Nationality, born in Indonesia and taken gift from her Father who is expert in PMG=Sentak a Indonesian Traditional Pencak Silat base on West Sumatra. Born in 1986, the daughter of Grandmaster Pandeka Mihar Walk Tan Pangeran in the city of Padang, on the coast of West Sumatra, Indonesia. PMG = Sentak: PMG […]

JeeJa Yanin’s – 3rd Film Hits Blu-Ray In The U.S – What are you waiting for? Click Here

JeeJa Yanin’s new film This Girl is Badass has hit Blu-Ray and DVD here in the States. Starring Petchtai Wongkamlao, JeeJa Yanin, Akom Preedakul, This Girl is Badass is a comedy / Action film that has gotten mixed reviews good and bad like most films. I just picked the film up so I can’t comment […]

Donnie Yen Walks Out on – Ip Man 3? Say What…

Money is running low for Ip Man 3 so some cuts were made. What was cut? how can it be Donnie Yen? He is the Lead, He is Ip Man. Donnie wasn’t cut from the film but director Wilson Yip was. Raymond Wong the Producer spent 150 Million RMB to bring back Donnie and Yip […]