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GiveAway: Eleven Samurai – Contest Ended –

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Soreelflix and AnimEigo are giving away a copy of Eleven Samurai on DVD

Thanks to Natsumi Ueki  from AnimEigo for sending me an extra copy to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.

I enjoyed this movie and so that is why I asked for an extra copy. You can read my review of Eleven Samurai [Here]

-To Enter:

  • Answer the Question below. Post your answers in this post below. If you post anywhere else it wont count as i I wont see it. No wrong answers, posters will become part of the random selection,winner will be randomly selected by this site [Here]


What are you top 3 films where some one is using a sword?

– Rules:

  • Usa residents only. Sorry every one else outside, The movie is region coded. But don’t worry every Friday I giveaway digital copies of movies [Here] and any one can win.
  • Would like the winner to send a photo of them with prize to show that the giveaways are real. Photo will be posted below where you can see the winners from the past contests. (You can cover you face like I didn’t if you want)
  • Post you answer in this post below
  • contest ends on March 22,2013 3pm et

Thanks for playing and good luck

P.S.  If you like the shirt check out my friends site where you can pick up a shirt. [Here]


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  1. Contest has ended and winner has been notified. Richard is are winner

  2. Jo Furderer says

    Lady Snowblood
    Seven Samurai

  3. Byron Brauner says

    Kung Fu Hustle
    Princess Bride
    Deadly Breaking Sword

  4. Seven Samurai
    Harakiri (1962)
    Fight, Zatoichi, Fight

  5. The Princess Bride
    Beauty and the Beast
    Battle Royale

  6. Jon Martin says

    Seven Samurai
    Kill Bill
    Conan the Barbarian

  7. Lady Snowblood
    Sword Of Doom

  8. Maureen McCarthy says

    Samurai: About Miyamoto Musashi starring Toshiro Mifune-san
    Throne Of Blood: starring Toshiro Mifune-san

  9. Ron Catacutan says

    Jet Li’s Fearless
    Afro Samurai

  10. Seven Samurai
    The Three Musketeers (1948)

  11. Takesi Akamatsu says

    Seven Samurai

  12. Sucker punch, azumi, kill bill.

  13. Hey man, nice contest. How’s it going? I almost put Pulp Fiction but that’s sort of cheating, and everyone loves that film at every given chance anyway, so what’s the point?

    Casshern (The 141 minute uncut version)
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Harakiri (1962)

  14. Kung Fu Hustle
    Lone Wolf and Cub
    Ninja Assiasin

  15. Seven Samurai
    Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo


    THE BETRAYAL with Ichikawa Raizo

    HITTOKIRI AKA TENCHU with Katsu Shintaro and Nakadai Tatsuya .

  17. anthony hickman says

    Shogun Assassin
    Ruroni kenshin
    American Samurai

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