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Giveaway: The Last Samurai (1974) (Ended)

givaway may 2013

Soreelflix is giving away 5 copies of The Last Samurai (1974)Thanks to Neptune Media. That means 5 winners so check below to learn how to enter.

Here is my Review on The Last Samurai with a trailer [Here]


Winners are

Spooky Mizu
Maxwell Bresee
Alex Smith




  • Winner must email a photo with winnings to show that this is real. (Recent Winners are below) and will be posted [Here]
  • USA resident only –  Sorry world
  • If no response from winner within 7 days a new winner will be selected. (Make sure you use an email address you monitor daily)
  • One entry per person

Contest ends on June 9, @ 5 pm ET

givaway may 2013 a


Recent Winners


beamer3 SoReel Contest winnings, 5-9-13
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  1. Maxwell Bresee says

    I was born in 1997. My favorite film from that year would easily have to be L.A. Confidential! Hell, it’s one of my favorite films period!

  2. Alex Smith says

    Batman Returns(1992)

  3. A Hard Day’s Night (1964).

  4. Jim Soucy says

    My favorite movie from the year I was born is Yojimbo which came out in 1961!

  5. 1981—-Raiders of the Lost Ark .

  6. Archie Waugh says

    This Island Earth, 1955

  7. 1958 -The Hidden Fortress .

  8. 1971 Godzilla Vs Hedorah

  9. Spooky Mizu says

    Another Japanese film, appropriately enough….Invasion of Astro-Monster (or Monster Zero as it was called in the US).

  10. Dirty Harry 1971

  11. gzajectah says

    Time Bandits! 1981! i actually didnt know that that was released the year i was born, but it’s definitely the shittt

  12. tekunique says

    1977 STAR WARS !!!

  13. 1987 Predator

  14. “The Crow” (1994). Released two days after I was born.

  15. Planet of the Apes 1968′

  16. Dawn of the Dead : ) 1978

  17. 1972: Tombs of the Blind Dead

  18. Kung Fu Bob says

    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

  19. Return of the Jedi

  20. Hawklets90 says

    1981 — Raiders of the Lost Ark

  21. Armagedon

  22. 1984. This was easy, Gremlins was and still is awesome. I still have a stuffed Gizmo.

  23. Tony Stultz says

    1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  24. Quinten Stultz says

    1978 The Lord of the Rings (animated)

  25. Fernando Ortiz says

    1981 the only real awesome movies I loved and still do are. Raiders of the lost Ark, Caveman with Ringo Start, Heavy Meatal.

  26. dturner88 says

    Beetlejuice (1988)

  27. Travis Else says

    1982 – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

  28. Maureen Birmingham says

    Enter The Dragon 1973

  29. Rocky 2 (1979)

  30. The prodigal Son is my favorite movie, all time classic, superb movie. Born in 1983. Would love to win this dvd.

  31. The Devils (1971)

  32. anthony hickman says

    Dragon Gate Inn awesome movie from 1967

  33. 1978 Five deadly venoms love that movie


  35. 1984 had many great ones!
    My favorite is: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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