MVD Rewind Collection Roundup 2


MVD Entertainment Group has sent over the next 4 releases in the Rewind Collection. All Blu-Rays are available to purchases now and if your interested, just check below for a few Amazon Links.

The next 4 films that have just hit my shelf are volumes 7-10, Abominable, Lionheart, Windrider, Bram Stoker’s Shadowbuilder. All of the films just like the last batch have some cool old VHS like artwork on the sleeves with reversible artwork if you want to change it up a bit. So far all 10 films I have received also come with posters and a good amount of extras on the discs.

  1. Abominable –
  2. Lionheart –
  3. Windrider –
  4. Bram Stoker’s Shadowbuilder –

Coming Soon

Angle Town –

To The Ends of Time –

Abominable is a horror film about, you know! A Bigfoot type of monster who go’s around killing a few youngsters in a remote section in the woods and an older widowed paraplegic who lives in one of the cabins tries to take revenge. The film is fun if your into monster films that deal with hairy beasts in the woods. For me its my least favorite film out of the 4 films in the collection but I’m not saying its bad. I enjoyed for what it is. The film is shot in 35 mm and I have to say it looks good on Blu-Ray and it also sounds good.

Lionheart is a childhood favorite of mine and have to say its my favorite film out of the 4. Whats not to like about a Van Damm film where he is kicking ass in tournament style fights while trying to support his deceased brothers family and at the same time on the run from the French Foreign Legion. The film looks great on Blu-Ray and sounds good. We also get two version with the extra version being the extended Cut.

Side-note. The Theatrical version had sound issues as it was sent out in Mono and Not stereo. If you have bout it you can send the disc back for the proper on. I’m sure mine has the mono sound which doesn’t bother me much As I watched the extended cut version.

Windrider is about the a business man who loves windriding as a sport. This film from it looks gets the lowest reviews of the bunch from what I’ve read but for me I would place this one just above Abominable. I Enjoyed the film as it was more relaxing and we also get a young Nude Nicole Kidman scene. Just like the other films it looks great on Blu-Ray and sounds pretty good.

Bram Stoker’s Shadowbuilder comes in second place out of the 4 films in this roundup. I enjoyed it thanks to the cast. First time viewing this film and it gives a Constantine vibe with Michael Rooker playing a man of the church hunting down a demon that has been summoned. Now the film can get a little tacky when it comes to the effects but the over all the quality is pretty good on Blu-Ray.

Overall I did enjoy all 4 films here. All look good on Blu-Ray with cool artwork. Hopefully I will be able to receive the next 4 releases so I can continue this roundup.

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Thanks to MVD Entertainment Group / MVD Rewind Collection.

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