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Review: Little Nikita (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Little Nikita

Starring: Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Richard Jenkins, Caroline Kava, Richard Bradford
Directed: Richard Benjamin
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Format:  Blu-Ray
Disc Release Date: April 4, 2017



Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

He Went To Bed An All-American Kid And Woke Up The Son Of Russian Spies.

Jeff is an American student applying to the Air Force Academy. Roy is an FBI agent doing his background check when he discovers Grant’s parents are undercover Russian spies disguised as Americans. When Roy confronts Grant about his parents, he is forced to make a decision that could save his entire country!


My Review:

Little Nikita is a Spy Drama dealing with Soviet Sleepers. The film stars a Young River phoenix playing a Kid looking to join the air force but in instead is placed in a hard place when a FBI agent befriends him and tells him that his Parents are sleeper Agents from Russia.

The Story was a fun follow, its good but does have its holes and One thing I did wish is they played on River Phoenix character more. Like when He finds out his parents are spy’s, they should have made him flip out more. Acting was pretty good and action wise we do get some but it’s not a ton. Its more of a Family drama of sorts and it shows a family who loves another even after things have went down.

For Mill Creeks Blu-Ray release the Picture Quality is pretty good, not top-notch but does look good. Pretty sharp details on close-ups and color looks good. Sound Quality is good too.

Overall the film was a good watch and its my first time viewing. I found it entertaining and loved seeing River again on my TV screen. Those who have grown up with the film may rate a tad higher than me

With that said I give this film a 4 out of 5. More Backstory, more realistic actions when the main lead finds out his parents are spies and I think this would have been even better. I Say pick it up, Get it now it’s at a good price that can’t be beat.


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