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Review: Vampyres (Artsploitation)

2 stars
Starring: Caroline Munro, Christian Stamm, Verónica Bacorn, Marta Flich, Anthony Rotsa

Directed: Víctor Matellano

Release Date: October 18, 2016

Run Time: 82 Minutes

Format: DVD Color: Color

Audio: English Subtitles:

Distributor: Artsploitation


Faithful to the sexy, twisted 1974 cult classic by Joseph Larraz, VAMPYRES is an English-language remake pulsating with raw eroticism, wicked sado-masochism and bloody, creative gore. Victor Matellano (Wax, 2014; Zarpazos! A Journey through Spanish Horror, 2013) directs this tale set in a stately English manor inhabited by two older female vampires and with their only cohabitant being a man imprisoned in the basement. Their lives and lifestyle are upended when a trio of campers come upon their lair and seek to uncover their dark secrets, a decision that has sexual and blood-curdling consequences. Infused with eloquent and atmospheric cinematography, impressive special effects makeup from master Colin Arthur (THE NEVERENDING STORY, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY) and starring screen genre icon Caroline Munro (THE GOLDEN VOAYAGE OF SINBAD, AT THE EARTH’S CORE, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, MANIAC, SLAUGHTER HIGH), VAMPYRES remains faithful to the original while creating its own neck-biting, sexually violent tale. “


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Theatrical release Date: May 29, 2015 (Spain)
Disc release Date: October 18, 2016 (USA)
My Thoughts

Vampyres is a Horror film that involves two Female Vampire Lovers. The story weaves in out between an older couple telling a story, 3 younger folk camping in the woods and a Guy who picks up a Female Vampire who then takes the driver to her house where she takes him in as a lover.

The Story was OK but the acting brings the film down. Two Female Vampires kill off a few people while one guy ends up being a pet of sorts for one of the female pire’s Gore wise we have a ton of blood and good nudity. Acting was a let down on most of the cast but even more so on the two Female Vampires and even at times they only have a few words to say.

Overall the film is a one time viewing and if your into females bathing in blood then you may enjoy the film partially as well.

With that Said I give Vampyres a 2 out of 5. It as some entertainment but the story and acting brings the experience down some.


Rating – 5 Star System


2 stars


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