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50 Movies That Need To Be Released on Blu-Ray: Films 6 to 10

50 films that need blu 6 - 10


Film Number 6: Gung Ho

Gung Ho is a Film I haven’t seen since I was a Kid and I remember Loving it even though to most, the film might be a mediocre film.

Gung Ho Needs a Blu-Ray Treatment now. It’s all ready hard to find and buy on DVD unless you want to spend $50 on eBay and or Amazon. Lets Build some cars

Gung Ho Stars Michael Keaton, Gedde Watanabe, and George Wendt

Plot: When a Japanese car company buys an American plant, the American liason must mediate the clash of work attitudes between the foreign management and native labor. – IMDb


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Film Number 7: Kindergarten Cop (Update: Now on Blu-Ray)

O its my 2nd Schwarzenegger film on this list and they are both needed. Why the hell do we have Last Action Hero on Blu-Ray and Not Kindergarten Cop? Say What.

This film is a Whole different side to Schwarzenegger and the film is a fun and heart-felt film with some action. Who doesn’t like this film …okay okay again another mediocre film but for me its a childhood film I loved growing up. It might be a tumor

Kindergarten Cop Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller and Pamela Reed

Plot: A tough cop is given his most difficult assignment: masquerade as a a kindergarten teacher in order to find a drug dealer. – IMD


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Film Number 8: Richie Rich

One of a slew of Kid films on this list. Richie Rich is a classic kid flick and I Kid you not. Maculay Culkin is good in Home Alone yes but I love him in this film as well. This film as a kid makes you think of what would you do in his situation and if you where that Rich what would you do kind of thoughts when viewing this film. Who wouldn’t love to have a McDonald’s in there house.

The film is a good child film that even kids today would love to see this film. Over all its a fun watch and I wish this would Get the Blu-Ray Treatment soon.

Richie Rich Stars Maculay Culkin, John Larroguette, and Donald Petrie

Plot: The richest kid in the world, Richie Rich, has everything he wants, except companionship. While representing his father at a factory opening, he sees some kids playing baseball across the street. Richie wants to join in, but they don’t want him around. When a plot to kill the Rich family is devised by Rich Industries’ top executive, Laurence Van Dough, Richie must take over control of the company while searching for his lost parents with the help of some new friends – IMDb


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Film Number 9: Blank Check

Just like Richie Rich, this is a great kids film that makes you think of what would you do. What would you have done with a Blank Check? Tell Me who doesn’t like this film and I will show you a Lair… well I could be wrong, It’s another mediocre film for adults. When was the last time a Limo Drive can hang out and befriend a Child without being called a Pedophile.

Disney Has been putting out there old catalog films on Blu-Ray for sometime and for some reason this isn’t one of them. Come on Disney whats wrong, Lets put this out on Blu-Ray Now. As of the time I am writing this, there is no buz or word on this getting a Blu-Ray Treatment. I cried a little writing that.

Blank Check stars Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, and James Rebhorn

Plot: All it takes is a little quick thinking and 11-year-old Preston Waters’ life becomes a million-dollar adventure! When a crook runs over Preston’s bike, he thinks it’s his unlucky day. But when a quick settlement puts a blank check in his hand — he fills it in for a million bucks! Now Preston is rich beyond his wildest dreams! He’s got his own pad, his own limo driver, and he’s spending the money like there’s no tomorrow! The only problem with having a million dollars is keeping it — especially when the FBI and the bad guys are after the loot! – Itunes


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Film Number 10: Scanners (Update: Now on Blu-Ray)

Here is a film I have never seen so why am I putting this on my List? Because it’s a film I want to see and would love to see it on Blu-Ray. Thanks to Shout Factory Scanners 2 and 3 are on Blu-Ray But the first film has been left behind. The rights to sell the film belong to The criterion Collection and I hope the release this around next October at least.

From what I gather this film is just a mediocre film but runs the line of 80’s Horror Cult classic and has a strong following.

Scanners Stars Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack, and David Cronenberg

Plot: A scientist sends a man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt others like him.- IMDb


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