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Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies Steelbook – Unboxing

Chaplins mutual comedy steelbook banner - srfHello Reader! We Received a Package with this beauty in side (photo above). We Gave the box to SRF Ninja to show you guys the unboxing and some info on the product. Check Below for Video and more info on Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies Steelbook released by Flicker Alley.

Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies is filled with 12 shorts on 2 Blu-Rays and on 4 DVDs. The Packaging is a Jumbo Sized Steelbook making it the thickness of about 2 and a Half Blu-Rays and the same width and length of a normal Blu-Ray. Each Short comes with an Alternative soundtrack and all films so far look pretty good restored with some imperfections still remaining on some frames.

SRF Ninja Unboxing: Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies


Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies Shorts Info:

  • The Floorwalker
    1916 | 29 min
  • The Fireman
    1916 | 26 min
  • The Vagabond
    1916 | 24 min
  • One A.M.
    1916 | 27 min
  • The Count
    1916 | 26 min
  • The Pawnshop
    1916 | 27 min
  • Behind the Screen
    1916 | 25 min
  • The Rink
    1916 | 26 min
  • Easy Street
    1917 | 27 min
  • The Cure
    1917 | 26 min
  • The Immigrant
    1917 | 25 min
  • The Adventurer
    1917 | 27 min

Buy Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies:

Amazon – Click Here
Price: $59

Flicker AlleyClick Here

Price: $39.99

-All Prices are prices Posted when Article Was Written (8-27-14)-

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