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Game to Film – Warcraft – Gains Heavy CGI Trailer

Warcraft gains trailer for its Game to Movie feature. Big Battles fill the screen, interested in that, Maybe. If so click here to check the trailer and news

The Finest Hours Starring Chris Pine Gains a Water Filled Trailer

Chris Pine’s next film is a Water Filled thriller called The Finest Hours. The trailer just hit the net, so click here to view and share your thoughts ninja

Kill Your Darlings Starring Harry pot… I Mean Daniel Radcliffe Catches a Trailer

Hello Reader! Do you like Based on True Story Films? How about Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter Himself? Murder? Well Yup!  The news is Below Kill Your Darlings is the film name (sounds like Kill your Kids or Wife) and it stars as you have read above Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Jack Huston, Michael C. Hall, […]

Lone Survivor – Starring Mark Wahlberg Drops a Trailer

Hello Reader! Are you a gun’s and ammo type of movie goer? How about a Mark Wahlberg fan? If so check this news. Lone Survivor is the title to this film directed by the director from Battleship that is Peter Berg. But before you say uh oh! check out the trailer. Lone Survivor based on […]