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50 Movies That Need To Be Released on Blu-Ray: Films 1 to 5

Film Number 1: True Lies True Lies hasn’t hit Blu-Ray yet but it should soon so said the internet world. True Lies is Arguably Schwarzenegger’s Best film filled with big action, gun fights and has a great cast. Everyone online is voicing out that this film needs to be on Blu-Ray now.From research True Lies […]

Zatoichi – On Blu-Ray? – Click Here and Pre Order This Insane Box Set

Hello Reader! Got Some Insane News. Do you like Zatoichi? Never Heard of Him? WTF Zatoichi comes to Blu-Ray and when it is coming, it is coming in an insane box set by The Criterion Collection. The Box Set of Zatoichi includes all 25 films but Is missing the 26th film due to The Criterion […]

The Criterion Collection Shares November Releases – Its Intense

Holly sharp swords with blood dripping from it batman! The Criterion Collection I Love You The Criterion Collection shares what they are releasing for November and its the greatest news in the last past 2 or 3 years and, and , and … I can’t wait but my wallet is already hurting thinking about it […]

A Tale of Two Sisters – Hitting Blu-Ray – o yea

Hello Reader! I have some cool coming to Blu-Ray Soon news and it deals with two sisters. A Tale of Two Sisters I’m excited to announce that A Tale of Two Sisters Will be getting the Blu-Ray Treatment here in the US. Palisades Tartan has officially announced that it will bring this awesome Korean film […]

Review: The King of The Streets

The King of The Streets Amazon Price: $14.99 Starring: Yue Song, Li Yufei, Kang En, Yang Jianping, Yang Junping Directed: Yue Song Release Date: August 6, 2013 Run Time:  88 Minutes Format: Blu-Ray Audio: Mandarin / Subtitles: English Distributor: Well Go USA Film Synopsis Yue Feng (Yue Song) is a young thug with exceptional streetfighting abilities.  […]

Tremors are Here – On Blu-Ray All 4 Films

Hello Reader I have some Scary news today. Tremors! Not the things that happen after an earthquake but the sand creatures that are here to kill us all when they unearth the fear in us. Well Kevin Bacon be here to save Us? Probably not so I say Buy this 4 pack and learn. Tremors […]

Friday The 13th – Complete Blu-Ray Set – Say Whaaat

Hello Reader Do you like scary Movies? Yes you say?  Then you should know who Jason Voorhees is right?  Well if you do you’re in for a treat if you love Blu-Ray Friday The 13th The Complete Collection is getting the Blu-Ray Treatment, OooH yea. Looks like it will be a Tin Wrapped around a […]

Giveaway: The Last Samurai (1974) (Ended)

Soreelflix is giving away 5 copies of The Last Samurai (1974)Thanks to Neptune Media. That means 5 winners so check below to learn how to enter. Here is my Review on The Last Samurai with a trailer [Here]   Winners are Spooky Mizu April Tekunique Maxwell Bresee Alex Smith     Rules: Winner must email […]

Jim Carrey’s – Liar Liar – Comes to Blu-Ray

Jim Carrey Fans! Liar Liar is coming to Blu-Ray. Now you can upgrade your DVD copy, nice!  Pre-Order Below Universal Studios Home Entertainment is Releasing Liar Liar on Blu-Ray on July 9th with a digital copy and also of course re-masted to 1080p Liar Liar [Blu-ray] Starring Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Jennifer Tilly and Justin […]

JeeJa Yanin’s – 3rd Film Hits Blu-Ray In The U.S – What are you waiting for? Click Here

JeeJa Yanin’s new film This Girl is Badass has hit Blu-Ray and DVD here in the States. Starring Petchtai Wongkamlao, JeeJa Yanin, Akom Preedakul, This Girl is Badass is a comedy / Action film that has gotten mixed reviews good and bad like most films. I just picked the film up so I can’t comment […]

Next Friday – Getting The Blu-Ray Treatment

Alright Friday Fans, Next Friday Will be coming to Blu-ray so now you can sit this one next to your Friday movie that you bought on Blu-Ray. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced that Next Friday will be released on September 10th. No Tec info and or features  have been released yet. If you haven’t […]

The Criterion Collection July Releases – Devels Back Bone? Say What…Devels Back Bone On Blu-Ray F@#k Yes

The Criterion Collection Just released its July Release Line up of movies, Check them out below. Some great stuff here and cant wait to get my hands on 2 of the films.     The Life of Oharu Kenji Mizoguchi 1952 • 137 minutes • 1.37:1 • Japan Spine: #664  Editions: DVD, Blu-ray, Hulu Plus This […]