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Brad Pitt, Christian Bale Drama Gets Trailer – The Big Short

A Star Studded cast Wrapped in a Crime Drama About Making money off of the Global Economic Meltdown gains a trailer. The Big Short looks to be a Great Film

Trailer For Bard Pitts Tank War Drama ‘Fury’ Explodes Online

Hello Reader! Love War Drama? How about Brad Pitt? Tanks? Or all Combined? Well Hey this news is for you. A trailer is Viewable and Can be seen along with detail’s below. Fury is Brad Pitt’s Next film dealing with war and tanks and Explosions but…Its also has Shia Labeouf…But! still looks good. With other […]

12 Years A Slave – Trailer Inside

Hello Reader! How’s it been? I got some News in the form of a trailer from another film about a Slave but this time a more of a Drama then action and is also based on a True Story and I can just keep writing without a comma or Period. uhhh? 12 Years A slave […]

Trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Z: Can Brad Save the World

The trailer for World War Z has hit the net. The film stars Brad Pitt, Eric West, Matthew Fox, David Morse,Mireille Enos and is directed by Marc Forster. World War Z Try’s to throw Zombies at us….but we have Brad Pitt on June 21 2013 Plot: A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, […]