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Jurassic World Gains Full Trailer – Feast Your Eyes

Hello Reader! Love Dinosaurs? How about the Jurassic Park films? Well Hey if yes this is for you because they are about to head back to the big screen. Jurassic World is the next film in the franchise and also Steven Spielberg returns as executive producer. From the trailer the film looks like it will […]

Guardians of the Galaxy – Gets A Trailer, Does Marvel Shock

Hello Reader. Marvel is at it again with a Trailer for there new upcoming film that is like Avengers but with Creatures. Check the News below and peep the trailer. Guardians of the Galaxy brings the Funny but also looks to be an epic Action film as well. From the trailer it showcases more of […]

Vince Vaughn – Has Another FIlm Coming? Yes! Its Called – Delivery Man – Trailer Inside

Oh its going to be a Vince Vaughn year…. Or maybe not but he does have two films releasing this year with Delivery Man being the second. Delivery Man stars Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders, Chris Pratt and is directed by Ken Scott. The trailer or should I say teaser has just been release minutes ago […]