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Review: The Road Within (Well Go USA)

Masked Avenger Reviews upcoming Blu-Ray From Well Go USA The Road Within. Is it any Good? How Does it Look? Click here to find out.

Child 44 Starring Tom Hardy Gets Its First Trailer

Hello Reader! Are you a Tom Hardy Fan? Serial Killer, Thriller, Mystery film Buff? Well Hey this one is for you. News and trailer bellow to the Safe House Director Espiosa’s Next film. Child 44 has a good cast and Tom Hardy Playing Russian which looks like he is extending his acting some. From the […]

District 9 Directer Films New Film “Chappie” Trailer Inside

Hello Reader! Love District 9? Elysium? Well Hey The Director from both has a new film that has a Feel of District 9 and to some level Wall-E. Love what I’m saying? Check the news and trailer below. Chappi is a mix of District 9 feeling and Johnny #5. From the trailer I feel that […]