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3 New Studio Ghibli Films Hit US on Blu-Ray Via Disney

Hello Reader! Love Disney? Love Studio Ghibli films? Well Hey Guess what? 3 New films from Ghibli are coming to the US on Blu-Ray Thanks to Disney. For me I will be getting all 3 due to me being a fan. Studio Ghibli is bringing Princess Mononoke (1997), Kiki’s Delivery Service and recent released The […]

Marvel and Disney’s Big Hero 6 Gets A Trailer

Hello Readers! Love Disney? Love Marvel? How about both of them combined for a movie? well Hey check this out you may like it or like the trailer. Check below for the great news. Big Hero 6 is the next Disney film to come on the Big Screen and the film is in partnership with […]

Disney’s Next Film Gets A Trailer – Come See What It Is

Hello Reader, Do you like Disney? I do! But if you do too just read more annnnnd,  Check the trailer out below because its funny. Disney has film coming out soon and its called Frozen and from the trailer it looks pretty fun to watch so as of now…I like it and please let me […]