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The Next Generation of Action Star from Indonesia

Qausar is Indonesian actor. Initially he appeared on TV a lot as an artist sinteron (television Series or Television Movie) before finally appearing on the big screen through the film “Sang Pencerah” in the year 2010. Full Biography: Qausar Harta Yudana, moved to Jakarta to start his career in the acting world in 2005 a […]

Bey Logan To Produce an Indonesia Slam Bang Action Film “GARUDA 7”

  SYNOPSIS of GARUDA 7 The Story is About Indonesian former Secret service undernama Garuda 7 Intelegent Agency who’s been retire. and now Hans (Barry Prima) living as Head of Komodo Fondation who work to maintain and promote Komodo Island. Indra (Willy Dozan aka. Billy Chong) working as Floating Market Businessman and living in Bandung. […]