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Johnny Depp Plays Dumb in Mortdecai, Also Olivia Munn -Trailer Here

Hello Reader!! Johnny Depp Fan? Sexy Olivia Munn…Fan? Uhhh Yes! Check the info on the film along with its trailer below. Mortdecai is JDeep’s Next film and its old English Weird and silly. From the trailer I feel the film will be a fun watch and I can see fans not liking it, but I […]

Forget the Teasers! Here is the full Trailer for Iron Man 3

Hey look a full Trailer. Tons of Teasers have been hitting the web and I didn’t bite to post and waiting for the big man stuff, and here it is. Iron Man 3 gets the full works on a trailer viewable below depicting Tony Stark suits of iron getting blown up and stolen. The part […]