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Jon Favreau’s – Chef – Gets A Trailer

Hello Readers! Jon Favreau fans are we? I like his films and if you do to than this new is for you. Check it out below. Chef features and all-star cast with a lot of stars and from the trailer I think this will be a fun movie….about cooking food.  My Man Pest I mean […]

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube take You on A – Ride Along – Trailer

Hello Reader! Are you a Kevin Hart Fan? I am. Are you an Ice Cube Fan? I am sometimes. But hey! if so these two join up  for a film so check the news below. Ride Along is the film name and of course its a Comedy but it stars two guys you may Like. […]

Review: Spawn

Spawn Amazon Price: $7.99 Starring:Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo, Martin Sheen Directed: Mark A.Z. Dippe Release Date:  August 1, 1997 Run Time: 98 Minutes Format: Blu-Ray Audio: Eng / Subtitles:  Eng,Esp Distributor: Warner Home Video Film Synopsis A government assassin is brought back to life as a black superhero with supernatural How can you avenge […]