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The Martian Starring Matt Damon Gets Trailer – Check it out

Hello Reader! Love Matt Damon? Space Movies? Both Combined with Jeff Daniels? Well Hey this one is for you so go check the news and trailer below. The Martian is Matt Damon’s next big film about Surviving in Space and Directed by Ridley Scott. From the trailer the film looks pretty good and t it’s […]

Transcendence – Pushes Johnny Depp into a Sci-Fi Film – Trailer

Hello Reader! Hey Are you a Johnny Depp fan? How about the not so crazy heavy Character driven or loony role Playing Johnny Depp and a more Down to earth serious and good acting Johnny Depp? Hey Check this news out. Transcendence is the film where it pushes Johnny Depp into a Sci-Fi Techno-Thriller and […]