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Keanu Reeves is Back on the Big Screen in Knock Knock

Hello Reader! Do You like Keanu Reeves films? I Know most loved His last film, lets see if the talent caries over to this one. Check below for the news and Trailer. Knock Knock is the title to Keanu Reeves next movie that is Directed by Eli Roth. From the trailer the film looks like […]

Keanu Reeves – Fantasy Action Samurai Film Gets A Trailer

Hello Reader! Got some Samurai News that Stars the most Excellent Keanu Reeves. Even though His latest film Man of Tai Chi is going Bust and looks just as bad as it sounds, 47 Ronin looks like it could be a good watch. It’s some what like  the Original film and the ones after it […]

Man of Tai Chi – Full Trailer Inside

Man of Tai Chi Gets a full Trailer.  I posted a teaser some time ago but now you can see whats really going on, so peep it below. Here is the last Article I wrote about Man of Tai Chi  starring Keanu Reeves where you can learn more info about the film.[Here] and [Here] Sadly […]

Keanu Reeves – Man of Tai Chi Gets its First Trailer – Come In and See

Nice We finally get to see what Man of Tai Chi Will look like on the big screen viewable in the trailer below. From the trailer we see lots of action and the film could be good. Check it out for you self. More info on the Man of Tai Chi [Here] Trailer:

Keanu Reeves – Man Of Tai Chi Gets A Poster And Stills

The Long awaited Man of Tai Chi gets a poster and some photos. It’s hard to tell if this will be good or not from photo but for now I’ll say its going to be OK, not bad but not great, it might be good lol. Man of Tai Chi stars Keanu Reeves, Tiger Hu […]

Script for BILL & TED 3 Is Finished

Another step closer, Bill and Ted 3 has been written. Both actors have said if the script is good their in so far no word yet  from Neo haha. Back in AprilKeanu Reeves told MTV “When we last got together, part of it was that Bill and Ted were supposed to have written the song […]