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Godzilla Gains a Trailer – Viewers Gain Visual

Hello Reader! Do you like Epic Monster movies? How about Godzilla? It’s a Remake….Are you still intrigued? Well check the news and Trailer below. Godzilla gains a trailer today, viewable below. There is only a second worth of shot with the monster seen but from the rest of the trailer looks like it will be […]

Teaser for The Japanese Remake of Clint Eastwoood’s – Unforgiven

Going by the same title as the 1992 film, A Japanese film company decided to remake the classic Unforgiven. Unforgiven or Yurusarezaru mono in Japan, stars a known Japanese actor we all have seen. Ken Watanabe the other lead in the film the Last Samurai or Batman Begins or Inception Takes the lead in Unforgiven. […]