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Zoolander 2 Gains Its First Trailer – Get Your Blue Steal on

The Official first Trailer For Zoolander 2 has hit the web. Is it Funny? Who is returning? Click here for the news and trailer.

A Deadly Adoption Starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Gains Teaser

Hello Reader! Love Comedy? Will Ferrell and or Kristen Wiig? Well both will be starring in this film that just gained a trailer so check for that below.Except this isn’t a Comedy? Say What A Deadly Adoption Features a Bearded Will Ferrell in a Dead serious roll from what a gather from the trailer. As […]

The Martian Starring Matt Damon Gets Trailer – Check it out

Hello Reader! Love Matt Damon? Space Movies? Both Combined with Jeff Daniels? Well Hey this one is for you so go check the news and trailer below. The Martian is Matt Damon’s next big film about Surviving in Space and Directed by Ridley Scott. From the trailer the film looks pretty good and t it’s […]

Masterminds Staring Zach Galifianakis (Update: Full Trailer)

Hello Reader! Zach Galifianakis is back with a New comedy, Are you interested? Is it Funny? Will it be good? Check the news and trailer below and let us know. Masterminds is Zack’s Next film starring a bunch of other comedic actors you know of. From the trailer I found my self laughing so that’s […]

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Fly’s In With its First Full Trailer

Hello Reader! The teaser has been posted a long time ago. Ready for the full Trailer? Yes…hey me too, so check down below for the info and full trailer. How To Train Your Dragon 2 gains a full trailer and so far it still looks cool. It doesn’t give a lot away and hat is […]

Ben Stillers Next Film – The Secret life of Walter Mitty – Gets a Trailer

Hello read! are you a Ben Stiller Fan? Well check this out. The Secret life of Walter Mitty is hard to put in words, is it a comedy? Or a more serious role for the Stiller man with some comedy? It looks to be more of the second option I think. The Secret life of Walter […]

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Trailer Flys on The Net

Hello Reader! Do You like Animation movies? How about the Dreamworks film How to Train Your Dragon? I like the Film and now I would like to share the Trailer for The Sequel. How to Train Your Dragon 2 has just received a trailer and is viewable below.  The films stars the voices of Kristen […]

OOOH Yea – Anchorman 2 Gets A Real Trailer – Check It Out

Hello Readers I got some real good news today, Yup.  Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues dropped its first non teaser trailer, it’s a full trailer and you get to see whats going on in the film….OOH Yea Viewable below the trailer and a new poster all stashed out and I can’t wait to see this…Who […]

Trailer For Kristen Wiig’s Next Film – Girl Most Likely – Is it Funny? Check Here

Kristen Wiig’s next movie will be hitting Big Screens soon.  The film is called Girl Most Likely aka Imogene and it has gotten a trailer Viewable Below. Girl Most Likely stars   Kristen Wiig,  Matt Dillon, Darren Criss, Natasha Lyonne and is directed by  Shari Springer Berman, along with Robert Pulcini. The film will hit big screens […]