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Full Trailer For Marvel’s Ant-Man Has Hit The Net Today – Take A Look

Hello Reader! Marvel Fan Are We? We Are and here is a new super hero film about to hit big screens in a big or should I say Small way… OK I’m sorry but hey check out the news below and full trailer for Ant Man. Ant-Man has dropped 1 small teaser and then another […]

Trailer For Bard Pitts Tank War Drama ‘Fury’ Explodes Online

Hello Reader! Love War Drama? How about Brad Pitt? Tanks? Or all Combined? Well Hey this news is for you. A trailer is Viewable and Can be seen along with detail’s below. Fury is Brad Pitt’s Next film dealing with war and tanks and Explosions but…Its also has Shia Labeouf…But! still looks good. With other […]