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Clive Owen Back to Action in Last Knights – Trailer Inside

Hello Reader! Love Clive Owen and or Morgan Freeman? Well Hey if so this one is for you as both star in this action Film. Last Knights looks to have a great cast and good action. From the trailer it looks like a good Watch, a Definit Blu-Ray Buy, but for me Not That big […]

Ted 2 Gains Trailer – Is it Any Good?

Hell0 Reader! Well it looks like the Teddy Bear named ted is back with his best friend Mark Wahlburg. Trailer has hit and is below, Ted 2 gets a trailer showcasing some OK funny moments. I thought the first was a good film not great but fun and I do look forward to seeing this […]

Dolphin Tale 2 Is on the Way – Trailer Splashes online

Hello Reader! Like Dolphins? How about The Movie Dolphin Tale? Well Hey this news is for you. Check below for the news and Trailer. Dolphin Tale 2 gains a trailer and I didn’t even Know this movie was being made. Looks like all the same cast including Morgan Freeman and from the trailer the film […]

Scarlett Johansson’s Sexiness Appears in Her New Trailer for ‘Lucy’

Hello Reader! ScarJo Fans are we? I am. Guess what She gains some powers and is badass that also stars an actor from Oldboy. Check below for the trailer. Lucy gets a trailer and its a film I didnt know about. The film has a good cast and deals with drugs that transform Scarlett into […]

Transcendence – Pushes Johnny Depp into a Sci-Fi Film – Trailer

Hello Reader! Hey Are you a Johnny Depp fan? How about the not so crazy heavy Character driven or loony role Playing Johnny Depp and a more Down to earth serious and good acting Johnny Depp? Hey Check this news out. Transcendence is the film where it pushes Johnny Depp into a Sci-Fi Techno-Thriller and […]

Hangover Remake? But with Old People? Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman? – Check it out

Hello reader, The news is This film called Last Vegas and it stare a group of old actors who are well-known in a film somewhat like Hangover for the elderly like Red is to the action Genre. Last Vegas isn’t Hangover but its somewhat similar and from the trailer it looks pretty funny as I […]