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Top 10 with Bey Logan: Bey Shares His top 10 Non Martial Art Movies

Kung Fu Movies is what got me James D into Blogging and writing news and reviews. One who knows about Kung Fu movies Knows the Name Bey Logan and if not read it below.Bey Logan is pretty much an expert on Asian films and has been in the business for over 25 years starting as […]

Top 10 with Keith J. Rainville: Keith Shares His Top 10 Essential Ninja Movies from 10 Different Categories

Do you like Ninja Movies? Who doesn’t. We all love Ninjas from the time we were young. It’s the action and the smoke and the ninja stars. So I wanted to hear from someone who is Knowledgeable in Ninja Films.I found that person and his name is Keith J. RainvilleWho is Keith J. Rainville? He […]

Top 10:

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Soreel Give Away 3

  Give Away 3 Question – How did Buddy get his name in the movie Elf ? starring Will Ferrell Email me with a headline – Elf  to   This contest Will have 3 winners The first person to email me the right answer will get Elf on Blu-Ray + Digital Copy of another […]

Ip Man 3 is Starting. O Hell Yea

Looks like things are moving forward for Ip Man 3. Donnie Yen has said he will do a 3rd installment, it will be Directed by Wilson Yip and written by Edmond Wong, the movie will be shot in 3D with around a budget of $36m. The film will  focus on Ip Man’s relationship with Bruce […]

Chow Yun Fat And Sammo Hung Teamed In New Film

A Movie in the making will be Starring Sammo Hung and Chow Yun Fat called ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI. Action Shoot em True crime that is what it will be about but and that is all that has been said about the project. I will post more news when it is available. My […]

In The Army Now Sequel is on the Way

Pauly Shore has been talking with TMZ saying he is in talks with Andy Dick about doing a sequel to their 1994 flick In the Army Now. Pauly Shore was talking about the Sequel on Andys internet show yesterday   saying, “I’ve always said we should do ‘In the Army Again’ … We should rescue Katy […]

The Avengers 2: Is it Gonna Happen? What other Marvel Films Are in the works?

The Answer: Yes.  Disney CEO Bob Iger announced  that a second installment was being developed. He also said that the film’s success, “is a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much.” . Im sure every one knew that the 2nd Avengers was gonna happen after learning that it broke box office records world […]

Full Trailer: The Expendables 2

The full trailer hit the web during the weekend. You can check it out below. Trailer: . SoReel Flix

More Hulk Too Come after Avengers?

Sounds like it could happen, even though their is no plans as of yet. Why do I say it could happen? Its because Mark Ruffalo signed a six-picture deal with Marvel just like every one of the other main heroes. So we might get a movie down the line and maybe some appearances and maybe […]

Super Troopers 2?

Super Troopers 2? Say what Meow. Looks like talks are going around from Actor and director Jay Chandrasekha about maybe another Super Troopers 2 as it looks like the script is written all ready. Jay Chandrasekh: “We’re hoping to make ‘Super Troopers 2′ eventually”. We’ve written the script and as soon as we figure out […]

Would You Like To See Step Brothers 2?

Looks like we are going to get a sequel to Step Brothers. At the beginning of this month Will Ferrell said some things, one of those things were Anchorman 2 remains dead as their is no where for the story to go after the end of the last film. The next thing that was said […]