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The Sopranos The Complete Collection Comes to Blu-Ray – I’m In

Hello Reader! Good News for Sopranos fans. The Sopranos comes to Blu-Ray in a Complete collection box set. I’m in! The Sopranos The Complete Collection is available for pre-order and all 86 Episodes will be releasing on  November 4, 2014 with a Retail Price of $280. Don’t worry about that price because you can pre-order […]

Friday The 13th – Complete Blu-Ray Set – Say Whaaat

Hello Reader Do you like scary Movies? Yes you say?  Then you should know who Jason Voorhees is right?  Well if you do you’re in for a treat if you love Blu-Ray Friday The 13th The Complete Collection is getting the Blu-Ray Treatment, OooH yea. Looks like it will be a Tin Wrapped around a […]

New Pre-Orders on Amazon – Im Getting Some are You

2 cool pre-orders just hit Amazon Evil Dead (2013)  just came to the big screen a few weeks ago and now its ready for you buy to see on the small screen. Also Disney Will be releasing for the first time on Blu-Ray a few titles as well, all can be viewed below and don’t […]