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John Woo is Back on the Big Screen with ‘The Crossing: Part 1’ – Trailer

Hello Reader! Love John Woo Films? Action, Drama and Explosions? Combined the two and you got this epic John Woo Film. Check it out below. The Crossing: Part 1 is John Woo’s next film where he will sit behind the Camera to bring us some Asian Action. From the title you can tell its going […]

The Grandmasters – Gets A Trailer For The US … Why is this Trailer Getting Hate? Find Out Here

The Grandmasters, another story about Ip Man (there are a lot now) Gets A Trailer For the Release in the US. The Grandmasters was picked up by The Weinstein company for the release in the North East and the trailer has just been released but it’s getting some flack around the web world. I Never […]