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SPL 2 Gains Trailer- Starring Tony Jaa and Wu Jing

Hello Reader! Tony Jaa Fan? how about Wu Jing? Well Hey they both star in this sequel that once stared Donnie Yen. Check the News Below and Check the Trailer. SPL 2 short for Sha Po Lang 2 or perhaps  Americanized  as Kill Zone 2 maybe? Well Hey The Trailer just hit The Lines of […]

Tony Jaa and Wu Jing To Star Along Side Each other! O Shit

Hello Reader! Have some cool news! Do you enjoy Tony Jaa films? how about Wu Jing Films? How about Both starring in the same Movie? O Hell Yea Tony Jaa and Wu Jing will star alongside each other in SPL 2. This rumor has been going around for a good while now,  and now it’s […]

Tony Jaa to work with Sammo Hung? Say What

Looks like Tony Jaa Might be doing a non Thai action film and moving in on-screen with Sammo Hung. Tony Jaa’s contract will be up from Sahamongkol meaning he can go out into the world and collaborate in other films.  Tony Jaa will be taking the star lead in SPL 2 (Sha Po Long), Also […]