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Top 10 With Kung Fu Bob: Bob Shares 10 Films That Inspired His Art

The following article is about an artist named Robert O’Brien, whom most of know as “Kung Fu Bob”. Well, of course he is called that due to his great passion for Asian cinema. But Bob does more with that passion than just enjoying the films, channeling that energy into creating works of art (which take […]

Top 10 with Bey Logan: Bey Shares His top 10 Non Martial Art Movies

Kung Fu Movies is what got me James D into Blogging and writing news and reviews. One who knows about Kung Fu movies Knows the Name Bey Logan and if not read it below.Bey Logan is pretty much an expert on Asian films and has been in the business for over 25 years starting as […]

Top 10 with Keith J. Rainville: Keith Shares His Top 10 Essential Ninja Movies from 10 Different Categories

Do you like Ninja Movies? Who doesn’t. We all love Ninjas from the time we were young. It’s the action and the smoke and the ninja stars. So I wanted to hear from someone who is Knowledgeable in Ninja Films.I found that person and his name is Keith J. RainvilleWho is Keith J. Rainville? He […]

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Top 10 with Amelia: 98 Rocks Amelia Shares Her Top 10 Christmas Movies

  It’s that time of the year when its cold outside and the fat man is only a couple of days away to deliver his packages. But before this happens, most Movie goers get in the spirit by watching Christmas Movies during December. To help out what to watch this December, I wanted to get […]

Top 10 with Gavin: Gavin Shares His Top 10 Horror films

Do you like Scary Movies? Gavin Does and that’s why I had to Ask Him to Share his top 10 list with us.Who is Gavin?Gavin is one of the Personality’s on the Gavin and Zach Show podcast That is Featured here at the site.A few days Ago I asked Gavin if he would like to […]