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Straight Outta Compton Drops Trailer – Backed By NWA

Hello Reader! NWA will have a Bio Pic on the Big screens soon and for all those Eazy E fans, Dr Dre and the rest of the Members of the Ground breaking Group from the 90’s will get to see How they Came up together. Straight Outta Compton might be the closest we get as […]

Check out Jackie Chans Roller-Blade Suit in a teaser for Chinese Zodiac

Twitch Just posted a cool teaser for Jackie Chan’s Upcoming film Chinese Zodiac. The teaser shows Jackie in a Suit made of roller blades going at high-speed on the street while still beating up the bad guys. Chinese Zodiac also known as Armour of God III: Chinese Zodiac stars Jackie Chan,Oliver Platt, Steven Dasz, Caitlin […]