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Wu Xia comes to the states. Now called Dragon and stars Donnie Yen – Trailer

The Weinstein Company will bring the U.S Wu Xia or now known as Dragon for the western audience  for a limited theatrical run  and then pressed for harp copies. Dragon will hit screens on November 30 2012 but the crazy thing is….you can get the movie on Itunes at the end of this month on […]

Review: The Sword of Swords

The Sword of Swords Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Starring: Yu Wang, Feng Tien, Pei-pei Shu, Chung-Hsin Directed: Kang Cheng Release Date: 1968 Run Time: 110 Minutes Format:  DVDAudio: Eng,Mandarin  / Subtitles:  Eng Distributor: Funimation Entertainment Plot This Shaw Brothers classic, masterfully directed by Hua Shan (The 14 Amazons), is a harrowing lesson in achieving […]